Here we keep our very little blog-like event stories so stay t u n e d!

09.05.2013 - Few shots of Samba

Samba on this old bridgeSamba on this old bridge2

28.09.2012 - Samba getting ready...

After several years of standing the bus is back on the road again!
Almost all the paint removedPrimer base
Finally on colours...Panels are quite ok...On the road again!
... and the final test drive

05.03.2012 - 23 window samba project continues...

Cargo floorCargo floor inner sills installedCargo floor beams paintedCargo floor panelsBelly pansDoorsTubbing
The detailed story of this project can be found at:

15.10.2011 - New Project

The -53 is at the paint shop so meanwhile...
Bought 23 window samba bus! The project is starting soon. So stay tuned for more!
Beam partsBeam parts 2BeamBeam painted
Samba on trailerSamba parts

02.10.2011 - Autumn Cruise

Last Cruise before long and dark winter.

15.06.2011 - Bugrun video

Just a short movie about our bugrun trip, enjoy :)

08.06.2011 - Bugrun 2011

It`s about the time again to prepare the aircooled wagens for weekend trip to Sweden. You can follow our roadtrippin` on map at: As you can see we are leaving tomorrow (09.06.2011).

20.01.2011 - `53 project continues

For the longest time there has been no updates at this site. Just because i have been too lazy.

Anyway -53 project has continued in the silence and here is few pics about the oval:
110120_front_inner_fender 110120 heater channel removed 110120 heater channel fitting
110120 rear quarter panel 110120 rear quarter panel cut off rear quarter panel cut off 2
110120 rear quarter panel tac welded
Please visit the project`s site: for more pics.

03.10.2010 - Visit to countryside

We visited the countryside with Jussi to change the winter tyres on for Jussi`s type3 which just last week got plates. I also took a little test drive with this cool frid!
101003 type3, oval and fridolin

02.08.2010 - FVWA Turku Meeting and cruise

Our monthly meet was about to happen again and this time we had nice little cruising event to archipelago, Parainen. It really was a success. There was 63 cars participating this event and so, the line was long, really long! This was cool! Thanx guys!
Waiting for cruise to startup...And more waiting...And finally on the move...
Gathering people back together
On the move again...Cruising at ParainenAt Parainen
More photos: FVWA - TURKU 02.08.2010


31.07.2010 - VW West Fest #6, Pori, Reposaari

It was my 3rd west fest so i have done half of all of those! This time the weather was so windy that we did consider to cast concrete fundaments for our tents (we did not what so ever!). Anyway... few pics from the event.
Cruising lineupMore cruising lineup
Valto is about to critisize the seats of ovalValto and Taina also had few beersValtos busEhm, not so many t-34 ghias in finland, huh!

28.07.2010 - Roadtripping at europe

We had little european roadtrip which went through automuseum at Wolfsburg, the bridge of love-locks at Köln, Nightlife and camping at Paris, the alps of Italy and Switcherland and lots more...

At the alps we saw 4 old bugs from NL cruising down the hill, too bad i did not have my cam available at the moment. However here is one ride that also had quite a trip as you can see...
Merc roadtripping

05.07.2010 - FVWA - TURKU

Our local once-a-month event at riverside. Manu had fixed-up some kind of wax-o-rama here this time, WOW! See ya next time.
GhiadubsJanne has a Thing... Powered by Judson
FVWA - TURKU 05.07.2010

02.07.2010 - Porvoo VW Swap

...from krem-a-que we turned our rides to Porvoo where the Porvoo Swap was held once again. Nice and hot weather followed us to there! From Porvoo we headed back to home. The whole journey was 570km of drive!

Gps tracker of oval draw our route on map as usual.
Valto and GhiaJussi and GhiaGhias on the highwayJussi, Ghia and wide smile! (why not?)
See more images: Porvoo Swap 2010

02.07.2010 - Krem-a-que #17 - Helsinki

We visited Krem-a-que at Helsinki, quite a nice and hot weather there and also few cars arrived there. Nice to visit, but after an hour or so we decided to continue to the Porvoo-Swap.
1porscheOmar has nice combovert
See more images: Krem-a-que #17

10-13.06.2010 - Bugrun

Yeps, once again it was about the time for little road trip to Sweden. This time we decided to take a bit longer way to Mantorp. So we started early at Thursday morning and were back at home on Monday morning. 900km drive to there and back, but it was fun, like always with these things!

See few pics from the road and the actual route on map from gps device:
Type3, Sonder and GolfAnd more waiting...At the ferry that takes only 4 cars at a timeType3
SondersCruising at BrändöWaiting for ferry at Brändöroute

You can also take a closer look of our bugrun route at:

28.05.2010 - Visit to Pannuhuone

We visited Doodah`s once so famous "ovals only" garage to fetch the engine for Jussi`s ghia. And also correct seats for -53 oval. The seats however needs little attention before painting.
These guys have what i would say: great shit! And they got lots of it =)

It was really nice to visit, thanx again!
100528 Doodah, "asiantuntijat" and Mumma oval100528 Boxer of ghia (more images from Vaasa coming soon...)
Visit: Doodah - Pannuhuone to see whats up at their garage.

07.05.2010 - Oval cooling system

Finally i managed to found decent air-codition for oval. Swamp cooler it is. i have been looking for this kind of device for a quite a long time now. Anyway now i finally found one and got it installed. I Also installed rear window shades. So i think we are ready for summer!

In about 2 weeks (22th of May) the season will be opened when the vw-open is arranged again at Kiikala airfield.

I have installed gps tracking unit on my oval which allows me to see the routes and distances i have driven. The mapping interface will be open for public during our vw-open and bugrun trips.

100507 - Swamp Cooler100507 - Shades100507 - tracking

04.01.2010 - inner beauty of `57

I have been fixing interior of `57 oval a bit lately.
Original SA Sprintstars arrived yesterday, these will fit just fine for this ride.
inner beautyInner Beauty2Inner Beauty3

-53 is now on dolly so the rust repairing is about to start any day now.
Received also few more parts for this oval.
heartlightsHeartlights first paint
Body on dollyHeaterchannel new partsRotten channelsprintstars, decklid, doors ...

30.12.2009 - Our garage

Jussi`s Ghia just got new adjustable beam and is sitting quite low now.
Kaitsu`s oval got heater channel repair panels from Wolfparts, these parts fits perfectly.

Ghia is almost ready for the summer and the body of Kaitsu`s oval is getting better everyday.
Jussi`s Ghia loweredJussi`s Ghia on air!Kaitsu`s -57 being barbequed
Happy new year everyone!

12.12.2009 - 53 paint removed

Okay i have been quite lazy lately, but now old paint of oval has been removed:
paintremove doorspaintremovedpaintremoved3paintremoved4
I also finally got the spare tire section replaced:
Now i am just waiting for the dolly which is holding another oval at the moment.

17.10.2009 - GPS Tracking

Yeps, i have just installed GPS tracker on my oval. Now i can see where it goes... more info of GPS tracking comining later so stay tuned!
Gps tracking

15.10.2009 - 53 Oval Project

Since my -57 is working quite well now and requires just a little winter service before next summer. I Started new Project, my -53 oval. There is little "blog" about the build at: I will post updates here while the build continues...

26.09.2009 - Oval on racetrack

There was little public track day event arranged at Ahvenisto race track today. I just visited the event and oval was parked at parking area. However they invited me to cruise few laps at the track during the "slow session". So here we are at the race track with oval. No, i did not mind the skies =)
Oval at Track

07.09.2009 - FVWA TURKU meet

Last meeting of season with locals.
See: FVWA Meeting 090907

On the way back to garage Jussi tried to get his ghia to the bushes, no luck this time =)

02.09.2009 Another Video

Oval with sprint stars...

29.08.2009 Boxer Speed Day #3

Again its time for last event of season (for me at least). It was rainy morning today, so i left oval sleeping at the garage. There was few showers during the day at Kiikala. That was annoying, but did not prevent driving so much... cars were fast anyway! Nice event again Thanx!
Golf at stripSplitwinBattle of titansBug with V8...american power!
Boxer Speed Day 2009 gallery

26.08.2009 Oval new shoes

Finally! My Sprint Stars have arrived, the brand new wheels for oval. It took almost 4 months for these to arrive, so it was about the time! Just slightly delayed huh? =)
Oval got new shoes today

07-09.08.2009 Vw West Fest #5

I visited VW West Fest first time last year and it was so nice event that it had to be revisited this year. Weather in this event had always been perfect!
Type1Nice black beetleGhiaBehind the wheel of ovalType2My oval sitting at west festKubel
See also West Fest 2009 gallery.

I also shot short video from West Fest:

24-26.07.2009 Bug In Finn #27

Bug In Finn is oldest and largest vw event here in Finland so everybody always is planning to participate this event. And this is why this event has loads of visitors every year!

The event was held again near the Himos mountain and "they" say its getting too small so fvwa is planning to move the event away from here next year. Time will show what is going to happen...
Type1SplitwindowKubelBus on air (see:
Grasshopper =)Just another sticker
See also Bug In Finn 2009 gallery.

04-06.06.2009 Bugrun 2009

Once again bugrun was arranged at Mantorp park Sweden. This time the weather was not so very good for the event it self, but it was fun to visit Mantorp anyway. There was not that much people this time because of the weather maybe? It REALLY was cold this year (even for us finnish guys =)).

Anyway lots and lots of nice rides arrived again:
Type3Type3OvalThe Woodruff Special
Really nice Ghia from MeanbugsKool SpeedsterBest oval of event (my POW)Nice Cabrio
See also: Bugrun 2009 gallery.

Like "they" say: "happiness is hot vw", it sure is!

Bugrun preparation

While everybody is preparing to Bugrun trip i decided to take oval out for a little cruise. It`s only 2 nights before our ferry to Sweden is about to depature.

Here is new video i quickly edited:

See you at bugrun, mantorp park!

23.05.2009 - VW-OPEN #10

Well it was about the time! Starting event of season was once again vw-open arranged at Kiikala airfield like every year! Weather was cold and rainy, but event was success!
nice bug with spring stars!Hitlers revenge back in businessmega power...type1

See VW-Open 2009 Gallery.

19.04.2009 - Kalle`s slammed type3

Visited Kalle`s garage today and saw his type3 first time after it has hit the ground during the long and dark winter. Ride height is close to perfect now =)

Looks awesome doesn`t it?
Kalles slammed type3Kalles slammed type3 rear

06.02.2009 - Oval on video

Here is short (3 min) video from last summer.
Cruising around with oval:

02.09.2008 - Evening Cruise

I took the oval out and take her for little cruise today.

30.08.2008 - Boxer Speed Day #2, Räyskälä

The recipe was like last year, only the location was changed (due the high expences of "alastaro circuit"? Where it was arranged last year). Weather was quite cold. However cars were fast and loud again =)
Marko -67-66 ragtop?Bling Bling!HoodRide
See: Boxer Speed Day 2008 Gallery

08-10.08.2008 Vw Fest West #4

This was 4th time that the Vw Fest West was arranged at Reposaari Pori. This was actually very small, but nice event! One of the last events of season here at Finland.

Fest FolkBackseatNice black Type 1Pinstripe
LineupOnly split window of this event!CruiseTurbo
Very nice ovalGolf Mk1 (FOR SALE!)Golf CabrioBack to home
Check out Vw Fest West 2008 Gallery

25-27.07.2008 Bug In Finn 2008

Time for the largest and oldest event of Finnish volks folks which we call: "BIF". The distance there was about 280km (makin it total about 600km drive) so its even longer trip than to the bugrun. The slacken charger pulley bolt was the only problem that appeared this time. Good trip and nice weather!

Here is some pics from BIF:
Jussi has nice ghiaT3 charge problems?Folksline
immu sitting lowovalbug with trailercool bus
Check out also: Bug In Finn 2008 Gallery

06.-08.06.2008 BUGRUN 2008 (Sweden/Mantorp)

Its June 2008 and about the time that ferry trip from Finland to Sweden is about to start. Its 3 hours to ferry start and i am currently at yearly vehicle inspection with oval, so no rush huh? =) Well everything went just fine and i got permission to drive for another 12 months!

The trip to the Mantorp and back went almost fine. Only problem we had was the oil pressure sensor which started to leak oil and was not that comfortable but we made it back to home again! Thanx to guys from Salo who drove with us the whole marathon and helped us a lot! THANX!

Pics from mantorp:
Meeting at stockholmBreak at the gas stationOn the highwayBug at mantorp
Lowest bus at Mantorp?Oval sitting at mantorp
See also: BUGRUN 2008 Gallery

24.05.2008 - VW-OPEN Kiikala

Yes, its 2008 and the starting event of the season again. VW-Open was once again arranged at Kiikala Airfield. Weather was nice, cars were fast etc... so it just cant be very bad =)

This was THE trip for oval, with new engine, new suspension etc so it was kinda scary to start with.

Anyway... with everything packed up and double checked we started early at morning from garage. We had about 200km drive to go so everything had to be perfect.

The engine and suspension works like a dream (like it ever would in this car). After half an hour of drive we noticed, that the semaphores were dead, so we had to drive without them the to the Kiikala. Luckily the problem with the semaphores was not that bad. With replaced fuse semaphores are working as new again!

So after all this was very good event for oval (we made it!).

What was really big surprise that my oval won the price:
"Best Bug of VW-Open 2008". Really nice Thanx!

On the way to KiikalaMy oval parked at Kiikalagolf with AirrideAnother fast oval
T1 it isIda-58Porsche 964 RST2
T1 going fast =)

18.08.2007 - Fun In Finn - Oittaa

Fun In Finn is event where volks folks meet these days every year. Now when watercooled vw´s are "accepted" also few of those had arrived.

On the way back to home something broke up at the rear suspension and we had to get a trailer to take us home =)
Nice ovalSplitBatwing of splitParked at Vihti
Low enough?Going home...Kool huh?

11.8.2007 - Boxer speed day - Alastaro circuit

Boxer Speed day is all about the 1/4 mile drag-race. This year`s event was also first one ever arranged. The Finnish Vw association (FVWA) also celebrated 25th anniversary here. People arrived in crowds to see these aircooled volkswagens.
Hitler`s revengePair of T2´sShowcars!Campers
Sticker on busBoxer Speed day - Interesting...El Bug

19.05.2007 - VW-Open - Kiikala airfield

This was first event for aircooled volkswagens of year 2007. The event is about testing your equipment for events to come later on summer. Event is arranged every spring at Kiikala airfield.
TYP-2 On the move!Ragtop OvalNarrow SplitGreen Bus